Safety and Security is a top priority in all South African households and businesses.

As a leading provider in the Border Region, Nyati Security Solutions offers you a range of Specialised, high quality and cost effective and protection services.


Our Services

Nyati Security Solutions strives to offer all-inclusive, comprehensive security solutions. To this end, our Technical Division offers a variety of electronic security solutions to complement the guarding, cleaning and hygiene solutions we have built our reputation upon.

Staffed by our professional, well trained team, Nyati Security Solutions boast a 24-hour control room in East London, so our friendly staff is available to assist with one phone call – or the push of a button.

Our trained, qualified Technical Staff stand ready to assist in securing your family, residential, commercial and industrial interest. It is a responsibility to which we are fully committed.

A comprehensive security assessment is carried out for each premises, ensuring that a tailored solution is offered which meets the client needs and budget.
Nyati Technical Division
Nyati Security Solutions offers the following services:

CCTV Surveillance
– Scalable, flexible surveillance solutions for any application. Ranging from analogue to modern IP (megapixel) solutions, our systems offer unmatched image quality and therefore better incident verification and evidentiary value. Clients are able to view and retrieve footage remotely using their smart phone or tablet. Read More

Electric Fencing
– We view electric fencing as an extension of your monitoring alarm system, and as such provide both wall top and free-standing electric fencing solutions, installed to SABS specifications and issued with a certificate of compliance (COC) Link the electric fence to your monitored alarm system to get the full advantage of this early-warning system. Read More

Access Control
– We offer scalable access control systems – using any combination of biometric (facial, fingerprint), tags and PIN codes, depending on the clients requirement. Whether it be a basic door opener, or linked to your existing payroll system (time & attendance), a customized solution is at hand. Read More

Gate motors, boom gates, intercoms
– for domestic, commercial or industrial applications, our professional team stands ready to assist with a customized solution to manage the movement of vehicles and staff. Read More

Guarding services (asset and people protection)

Special attention to:
- Access Control
- Loss Control
- Public Relations
- Emergency procedures

Nyati Cleaning & Hygiene Solutions was established in November 2011.
Nyati Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions is as its name suggests a Commercial and Industrial Cleaning &Hygiene company. Nyati, with its daily contract cleaning services, offers clients the convenience of a full-spectrum of services which range from hard floor care to more specialised forms of cleaning, enabling you as our clients to focus on your business, while we get on with what we do best.

The Company offers the Following services:
Commercial – cleaning of office blocks, banks and financial institutions
Industrial – cleaning ranging from heavy vacuumation in factories to regular office cleaning
Healthcare – hospital cleaning, CSSD instrument washing.
Education – cleaning at educational institutions, including servicing of residences
Hospitality – cleaning services to hotels, resorts and casinos as well as housekeeping and related services
Retail Cleaning – cleaning of common areas in large shopping centres and malls as well as cleaning services for retailers specific stores
Transport Sector – cleaning of all areas in bus stations and train stations etc.
Cleaning of high areas such as windows etc.

Hygiene Solutions:
Personal hygiene is equally important in the office as what it is in the home to both employees and customers. Apart from being a public health issue, clean, hygienic toilet facilities can have a positive impact on users and their attitude towards your business or organisation.

Nyati Cleaning & Hygiene Solutions
Nyati offers a range of commercial janitorial services, hygiene solutions and other washroom services to facilitate out of home personal hygiene, including:

Soap dispensers – hand hygiene with a range of soaps and foam
Safe seat dispensers – protects users from harmful bacteria on toilet seats
Sani bins – functional and stylish design for feminine hygiene needs
Sanitiser dispensers – hygiene for toilets and urinals through continuous dispensing
Air freshener dispensers – a choice of fragrances and technology
Warm air dryers – a range to suit your needs
Paper towel dispensers – from automatic to manual feed options
Toilet tissue dispensers – full range of dispensers and paper refill options
Dust control and grease trap mats – wide range of standard and custom size mats with or without company logos
Water coolers – a wide range to suit your requirements
Ozone air purifier
Deep cleaning – reaching and cleaning those often neglected places in urinals, shower drains toilet pans and rims, cleaning of kitchen drains and hand basins as well as odour prevention.

We offer a choice of monthly rental contracts to suit your needs.