Gate motors, boom gates and intercoms are a simplified, physical barrier and communication entry for domestic, commercial or industrial applications.

The benefits of these security services include safety, convenience and control over your properties entry points.

Gate motors include an easier electrified point of access which increases your security and provides an access system that prevents manually opening a gate, garage door or side door. Gate motors can also be programmed for your convenience and needs such as one-car entry, automatic closing or using a sensory security system. By restricting who has capacity over the motors also controls who can enter and exit the gates.

Boom gates are installed to block vehicle access through a controlled access point. Boom gates can also be used in conjunction with an access control system for time-keeping and gathering information of your employees' whereabouts throughout the work day or who has authorization to enter your premises. Boom gates are highly effective in residential complexes and boomed off residential areas.

Intercoms are a talkback or entry communication channel that alerts to a visitor or controls access to your entry buildings points. Intercom installations can be independent of a traditional telephone network or alternatively can be linked to control access through a mobile device.

These systems can be implemented on work premises, residential complexes, family homes or community areas with our professional team standing ready to assist with a customized solution to manage the movement of your vehicles, staff and tenants. They are simple and easy to install in your current systems and our security services ensure to upgrade your safety and access management.

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