Electric fencing solutions offer a safer alternative to a conventional wall and fence system. With our core value of providing the highest quality security services and protection of your home and business, we view electric fencing as an extension of your monitoring alarm system, and as such provide both wall top and free-standing electric fencing solutions.

As part of our security services, the advantages of electric fencing include:
  • Easy Installation – in comparison to traditional walls and fencing, the lightweight equipment and simple planning allow for cost and time saving.
  • Adaptability – the simple installation of electric fencing allows for greater versatility and portability in how you would like to utilize your fence. Whether adding to a wall or securing livestock, this security service is tailored to your needs.
  • Maintenance – Unlike most traditional walls and fences, once your fence is installed to SABS certifications, it requires minimal upkeep and care.
  • Durability – electric fence wire is more protected from high impact damage.
  • Life span – due to the durability of the fence, the life span is therefore extended.
  • Cost effective – electric fencing has the potential to long-term save you costs through durability, life span, extra security expenses and ease of use.
  • Ease of use - Link the electric fence to your monitored alarm system to get the full advantage of this early-warning system.

Our professional and highly skilled team ensures that your electric fencing is installed to SABS specifications and issued with a certificate of compliance (COC).

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