Access Control is a way of limiting access to a system or resources. Access control is one of the first points of visible security for your business or property and is therefore crucial to quickly and effectively manage access control to your facilities. The Nyati Technical Division offers scalable access control systems to suit your business' needs.

By using any combination of biometric (facial, fingerprint), tags or PIN codes, our access control systems give your more control over who has been granted access to view important information or authorized entry to your premises. A customized solution is at hand to simplify your existing payroll system (time & attendance) and save time on your current work processes. Our access control solutions scale to your businesses needs and growing environment. The easy to use access control technology allows advanced authorization and monitoring of information by security companies.

The benefits of access control:
  • The use of access control enables all your security to be centrally controlled.
  • People/Persons without authorization are restricted access.
  • Prevents widespread knowledge of access control.
  • Improve staff management and time keeping.
  • Provides on/off-site system management and control.
  • The ability to reduce time and costs through your Human Resource department to easily record and track staff movement and reports.

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